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Our Mediators

Rosalind Dunlop

Rosalind Dunlop
Firm/practice Name
RD Mediation

A highly experienced and effective mediator, Rosalind focusses exclusively on mediation work, specialising in Family Mediation (all issues). She manages high conflict situations with empathy and clarity and works with clients to find an agreed way forward in a variety of family conflict situations.

Rosalind is accredited with the College of Mediators as a mediator and Professional Practice Consultant, is a panel member of Family Mediation Northern Ireland and Global Mediation, is an associate of Mediation Northern Ireland and is a provider of professional mediation training. She also serves as a LSMS Board member.
Certified as Mediation Professional Practice Consultant, UK College of Mediators (LADR) 2019
Certificate in Civil and Commercial Mediation, The Queen’s University of Belfast, Institute of Professional Legal Studies, November 2013
Certificate in Family Mediation (Foundation Training), Family Mediation Northern Ireland, June 2011
Certificate of Professional Legal Studies, Institute of Professional Legal Studies, Q.U.B. 1993.
LL.B., Queen’s University of Belfast, 1991
J.D., School of Law, Campbell University, North Carolina, U.S.A. 1990

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