The Law Society Mediation Services (LSMS) was established to provide a mediation service populated by solicitors who are trained mediators and who will assist in resolving disputes resulting in time and expense savings.

Mediation has now become well established as an effective means of resolving disputes and courts and advisers will now encourage parties to explore resolution of the dispute before coming to court.

LSMS is managed by a Management Board comprising experienced Solicitors.

How does it operate?

LSMS operates through a Panel of Solicitors who are trained in mediation law and practice and who have learned mediation skills and who confirm they are eligible to act as mediators on behalf of the parties to disputes.

All members of the LSMS Panel must adhere to the LSMS Code of Conduct and to the EU Code of Conduct for Mediators.

Parties or their advisers can select a mediator from the panel or, if preferred, a mediator can be nominated by the LSMS administrator.

Starting the Process