The lawyers in John J Rice & Co.,are experienced as solicitors and mediators.

We are not ivory tower solicitors.

We live in the real world with you and we care about your rights and daily we share our legal experience with you when dealing with your own experiences whether they involve conveyancing/land disputes, rows over wills and probate, family breakdowns, legacy cases, contract breaches or commercial disputes involving employment law, in the agricultural and industrial worlds.

We mediate constantly everyday in informal alternative dispute resolution issues.

We are steeped in Human Rights cases involving criminal defence work, and judicial reviews.

We see ourselves as impact players trying to break legal deadlocks in a positive way identifying and recognising the real reasons behind disputes.

Our aim is to help you see in any dispute as a joint problem which can be solved in tandem with our advices.

We have an empathy with our clients dealing with emotional factors such as anger, reputation, ambition, fear of loss and distrust, and we try to avoid entrenched positions and seek to make positive progress for our clients, always keeping your legal costs to minimum.

I myself have completed the Law Society/Queen's University Course in Dispute Resolution and Mediation Training in 2010 and have been involved as an approved Mediator for over ten years, which I really enjoy and benefit by myself in terms of experience.

We always involve you directly and our service is authentic, facilitative and not simply a talking shop for barristers to share ideas with other barristers.

We do most of our own work and thanks to our own Law Society, with our Continuing Professional Development training, we have come to value and treasure our own integrity and brand value as being our hallmark.

Our solicitors are constantly involved with school boards, sporting clubs, pro bono advice organisations, charities and our goal is the ability to provide an analysis of a legal or a real world problem and provide a detailed analysis of the issue at hand.

We are aware that negotiation is a daily occurrence for our solicitors and that many of our cases are settled at the door of the Court or Tribunal.

Indeed, allowing for the new COVID-19 environment, we are now able to represent our clients from the comfort of our own new Offices in Chichester Street by attending mediation (and Courts) by Zoom.
As solicitors and mediators we have more reasons to be cheerful than most.

Of course, there will be hard work involved in the laying of sound foundations for our work but that as that country & western philosopher and vaccine philanthropist, Dolly Parton calls it:

"If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain".